Tubs & Gee Gage Rugby Field, Plein Air Palette Knife Painting
Plein Air / No Comments / by / September 4, 2013

This is a quick 4x6in plein air palette knife study from Tubs & Gee Gage Rugby Field looking towards Ashbridges Bay Skate Park.

I pass by this area quite often, and been planning to do a painting here for a while, but I have the tendency to gravitate towards water scenes, and so I end up painting by the lake most of the time. This time the changing weather and the dramatic lighting made me stop here…
Here is my effort to capture the brief moments when the evening sunlight found it’s way through the gathering storm clouds.


#plein air


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I am a Toronto based artist working primarily en plein air in oils and watercolours. My paintings strive to capture the essence and mood of the landscape and express it’s gesture with the fewest strokes possible.