Leslie Street Spit, Plein Air Palette Knife Painting
Plein Air / No Comments / by / August 22, 2013

This is a 4x6in plein air palette knife painting from Leslie Street Spit (Tommy Thompson Park) a unique urban wilderness minutes from downtown Toronto.
I was fascinated by the color contrast between the dust covered trees, and the bright colors of the Eastern sky. The sun was hitting the scene at a very low angle, and I knew that I had no time to walk around my motif to find the best spot, so I just set up my camp stool right in the middle of the dirt path and jumped right into painting…

Leslie Street Spit, Plein Air Palette Knife Painting

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I am a Toronto based artist working primarily en plein air in oils and watercolours. My paintings strive to capture the essence and mood of the landscape and express it’s gesture with the fewest strokes possible.